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Free Dinner with the Doc

The Roots Chiropractic is a new member to the Lakewood Ranch, Florida community.  We are an extremely education based office on a mission to teach the local areas how the body is truly meant to function and get you through day to day life in a healthy happy way!

The United States is going through a health crisis right now causing so many families and children to suffer from health conditions that are interfering and ruining their lives.  Millions of people are suffering from mental health issues like depression, anxiety and addiction.  Millions more with asthma and allergy problems, infertility, cancer, autism and other learning disorders.  Remind you of anyone?  This is not normal and the Roots Chiropractic is here to bring a stop to this health crisis once and for all!  People have been brainwashed into believing that these conditions are normal and that you are supposed to learn to live with them by taking a pill or some other type of medicine to cover up the symptoms.  You may be asking yourself how is this possible?

Our office is holding a complimentary dinner and educational presentation to go over some life changing health information completely FREE!  Our passion is to educate the community so they have the knowledge to lead a healthy life.

Please call the office at (941) 877-1507 for more information.