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Benefits of Red Light Therapy 

100% Natural


Chemical Free




Requires zero ‘recovery’ time

Safe for ALL skin types

Safe for ALL age

Benefits of Red Light on your skin 

Red light therapy creates a healthy glow about your face

Smooths overall skin tone

Supports collagen production

Reduces wrinkles, forehead wrinkles & laugh lines

Heals blemishes like acne & rosaceaRepairs sun damage

Reduces redness, flushing & broken capillaries

Fades scares & stretch marks

Brings more moisture to your skin

Prevents hair loss

Stimulates hair growth

Treats a growing list of skin conditions

How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Red light triggers the information of small openings or pores in your fat cells, which releases fatty acids, known as lipids, resulting in fat loss  and fat cell reduction.

Visible red light is capable of penetrating the skin to a depth of about 8 to 10m. Once the light has been absorbed, the light energy is converted to cellular energy, stimulating the body’s natural cellular processes which kick off a whole series of metabolic events.

These events may include:

      • Increased circulation and the formation of new capillaries
      • Increased activity in the lymph system
      • Increased collagen production
      • Release of raw cellular energy is increased
      • Increased cellular clean up
      • Stimulation of tissue granulation
      • Reduced inflammation

All of these metabolic events work together to produce numerous anti-aging, healing and pain relief benefits.


Does it hurt?

Not at all! Red Light  is a painless, non-invasive therapy. There are two things you may feel once our Red Light pads start working their magic and that’s the device gently pressed against your skin and the heat of the light itself.

How long is each session?

You can expect your Red Light Therapy session to last about 20 minutes.

Is there anything I need to do for my Red Light Session?

We ask that you stay hydrated before and after your Red Light Session and come ready to sit back, relax & soak in this “me time” you are giving yourself.

How long will it take to notice a difference?

You will start seeing results immediately and they only get more visible over time! The more you use Red Light Therapy, the more benefits you will see.

What are the risks?

Red Light Therapy is the only body contouring device that falls in Risk Group 1 (the safest medical device category).  There is no discomfort, no pain and no recovery time involved. Unlike other treatments and medications you wont have to worry about any side effects down the road. Quite the opposite! Healthwise, it is riskier NOT to try Red Light Therapy!