Sublaxations Don’t Take Vacations



Coral blue water, baby powder sand under your feet, not a worry in the world… Vacations are the perfect time to decompress, spend precious time with family and friends and reconnect with your soul. What could possibly stress your body?

How about a week of sleep on a strange mattress? Or the 30 mph wipeout off the banana boat ride. Not to mention, bottomless margaritas and endless trips to the dessert buffet… and don’t forget nursing that 2nd degree sunburn from day three. Unfortunately, stress does NOT take time off. The scenery may change, but your nervous system is still hard at work- reacting and adapting to all those “relaxing” changes in routine. Its a prime time to become Sublaxated.

If you and your family have been away from the office for a while, or have upcoming trips, be sure to schedule your adjustment when  you get back! Part of getting back to a healthy routine is getting your spine aligned and destressed!

AND be sure to come in with stories and pictures to share! We love celebrating life with you!!